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FFNx: Next generation driver for Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII ( with native Steam 2013 release support! )

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Next generation driver for Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII ( with native Steam 2013 release support! )
Project URL: https://github.com/julianxhokaxhiu/FFNx

Discord Support: https://discord.gg/Urq67Uz

Download URLs: (What is the difference?) What is FFNx?
FFNx was born from the ashes of Aali driver, with an intention to refresh the Rendering engine and the possibility to extend modding capabilities to original Steam copies without the need of a Game Converter.
Today FFNx not only can offer that also much more. Feel free to read the list below!

What does FFNx offer?
FFNx attempts to be the great living legacy from Aali, by improving memory usage, many gameplay improvements as well as texture rendering, by introducing Triple-A technologies being used across notorious games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Full Multilanguage support!
Do you speak English?
Sprechen Sie deutsch?
Parles-tu Français?
¿Hablas español?
Parli Italiano?
...we got you covered! You can now enjoy all the features you'll read below across ALL RELEASED languages and editions for both FF7 and FF8!

New Rendering engine!
The rendering pipeline has been rewritten from scratch through a well known library that acts as a cross-platform rendering engine named bgfx ( currently used by Minecraft as well ), which allows us to make use of not only OpenGL, but also DirectX 11, DirectX 12 and Vulkan!
On top of this the driver will use up to 16x Anisotropic filtering ( provided your GPU provides this capability ) and up to 16x Anti-aliasing filtering, totally customizable by you.

New Texture format support: welcome DDS!
If you've never heard of it, feel free to read this awesome resource which will introduce you to the topic. If you've heard of it, then I'm pretty sure you'll be as happy as I am. I'm really proud to announce a FULL support for DDS/BCx texture support. This will bring PNG-like visual quality in-game with MUCH LOWER memory consumption, and MUCH better performance. They will load as fast as in-game textures, although they may be in UHD resolution. Enjoy a super-fast gameplay experience in 4K.

New Music engine!
FFNx does also bring a completely refreshed music engine, developed by myst6re, which will allow you not only reproduce the current music mods you're used to, but also completely new one like PSF music files, through a fully fledged Winamp plugin support ( In/Out ). If you want to explore more, feel free to checkout: New Movie engine!
Movie rendering has also been improved through the update of the FFMpeg stack. You can now reproduce in-game videos using the most up-to-date codecs available in the market ( like MKV with H.265 compression or VP9 ). The rendering stack does also support HDR rendering, allowing you to enjoy a complete and refreshed new experience like never before.

Full compatibility with 7th Heaven 2.x!
Modding support is a top priority, this is why FFNx shines as well on top of this aspect too. Providing Out-of-the-Box support for 7th Heaven 2.x you can enjoy all of these new features today in your current setup. Just make sure you follow the provided installation instructions and you're good to go. If you're interested for an "Ultimate Modding ExperienceTM" using 7th Heaven 2.x and FFNx, feel free to checkout this awesome guide written by OatBran.

Full blown vanilla modding support!
If you're looking instead for a vanilla experience, and you like mod the game your own way, you are covered as well. FFNx does provide a series of features to expand the game beyond infinity and over:
  • Direct Path: this will allow you to override ANY file contained inside the LGP files
  • Override Path: this will allow you to override ANY file contained in the data/ directory
  • Mod Path: this will allow you to override ANY texture in game ( only for FF7...yet! )
  • Hext Path: this will alllow you to load ANY hext patch on top of your game. No external tools or DLLs required!
  • Flexible Movie options: No more AVI! Customize the movie extension up to your preference, in accordance to what you want to play in-game!
  • Flexible Music options: No more OGG! Customize the music extensions up to your preference, in accordance to what you wan to play in-game!
Up to 4GB of RAM!
When using the Aali driver with a lot of mods on top, you most probably suffered some crashes. This will not happen anymore with FFNx.
The driver will use some internal checks to make sure your game never crashes, even if it goes out of memory. This will allow you to save the game at that point, if something goes wrong, unload the problematic Mod and continue your gameplay to where you left.
Not satisfied with this option? We neither :) FFNx will allow you to use up to 3.5GB of RAM space for Mods, by using the 4GB Patch on your ff7.exe file. Remember that this feature works ONLY on Windows 64bit.

DPI Aware!
Got a 4K monitor with Upscaling? No worries, FFNx will handle that easily. No more tinkering with your upscaling settings in order to play the game correctly. Just run and enjoy!

Only for FF7:

New Input engine!
Feeling tired that the game does not support your D-Pad? Please no more! FFNx comes with full XInput support. Plug your controller, start the game and have fun. All the inputs are mapped for you and handled natively, like the original PSX NTSC layout.
Just make sure you use the native input layout: remember to delete ANY ff7input.cfg file present next to your ff7.exe file.

Vertical field centering!
Thanks to the awesome work being done by DLPB, in conjuction with Satsuki, you can now enjoy field centering Out of the box! No more special patches required.

Fullscreen battles!
If you want to play your game in vanilla mode, you can enjoy fullscreen battles without any external mod. Thanks for the great work of Chrysalis in conjuction with Satsuki, you can now enjoy this Out of the Box!

Vertical centering for Hand cursor in Menu!
Feeling hurt that in the PC port the hand was a bit off vertically next to the text? Please no more. Thanks for the great work of Chrysalis you can now enjoy this Out of the Box!

No more stopped Movies on lost focus!
How annoying was that? It happened to me personally a lot of times. Now we got you covered. EVERY movie in-game will not continue to play no matter what. Switch window, reply to a friend, and come back ready to continue playing. Play the game YOUR way.

No more muted Music on lost focus!
Do you enjoy listening to the OST while doing something else at your PC but you were very annoyed by the fact the music was going mute? Please no more. Thanks to the new Music engine developed by myst6re this is a thing of the past. Play the game YOUR way!

Only for FF8:

New Music engine!
You can now override in-game music through the various Packs the community have released. Feel free to checkout http://forums.qhimm.com/index.php?topic ... #msg278128

...and much more to come!
This is just the beginning of our adventure. FFnx aims to do even more great things, but the good news is that the code is FULLY OPENSOURCE, and you can contribute to it if you're willing to. Feel free to look at the Open Issues!

Thank you!
There's a HUGE list of people to be grateful to for their amazing work. Starting from Aali who made this possible, without his code release FFNx would have never been a reality, but also to A LOT of other people on Qhimm. Feel free to checkout this list: https://github.com/julianxhokaxhiu/FFNx#credits

From the deep of my heart, THANK YOU!
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FFNx will NEVER support Reunion!
Just don't ask. The author has an interesting attitude of forking other people code, mark it with his name, release binaries only and then blame original authors for doing crap. I'm not sure what his goal is, but it is the way it is. So, for the time being until the author will not ask for public forgiveness for his attitude towards all the Qhimm community, FFNx WILL NEVER support Reunion.
If Reunion will make use of FFNx, DO NOT report bugs here. Please do instead on the original author thread.

I need help installing FFNx on top of 7h 2.x!
Feel free to follow this awesome tutorial made by Tsunamix. It will guide your step by step and show you which improvements does FFNx bring to you. Please consider subscribing this his channel!

My battles are slow after 1.7 release. What should I do?
TL-DR; If you're using the 60fps Mod for battles you may want to disable it.

Battles in FF7 are coded internally in 15 FPS, which means that all character animation frames are draw in 15 frames, and you actually miss 45 ones in a whole round of 60 fps. Long story short, this creates some unwilling effects not thought by the engine that may bring other severe issues in the game. The mods that claim to introduce 60 FPS in Battles were patching an internal "flag" in the game to allow that happening, although it was always wrong. The Engine has no knowledge on how to draw it at 60 FPS, because the models, animations and spell effects are not coded for that.

If you're interested in real 60 FPS battles, you may want to check out the SisterRay project instead. It will take some time though until it's done, but when it will, you will be able to have full REAL 60 FPS in battle, with no side effects. Until then you may want to live with the fact that the game needs 15 FPS for good reasons.

Issues that you may encounter on FFNx can be fixed sometimes with external tools
Sometimes in the game you may face some weird behaviors that are not directly related to FFNx. You can easily verify them by running the game using the native Direct3D renderer. Although we can't fix them directly in the driver code, YOU CAN fix them through the usage of external tools!

Feel free to check https://github.com/julianxhokaxhiu/FFNx ... s%3Aclosed as a database of already known solved issues.

Please DO CHECK this list before approaching us on Discord. Thank you!
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Thank you very much. Great tutorial, will you get a patch for the texts in Spanish? thanks what a great job you are doing thanks THANK YOU!!! :o
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