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[FF7 PC] Mod Manager - 7th Heaven (v2.2.3.522 Release)

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7th Heaven - Out Now!
Released 8/27/2020
Note: 7H 2.0 users will be prompted to update to if the 'Check for 7H Updates Automatically' option is turned on. Unfortunately, 2.2 BETA users will not be prompted and must learn of the update by themselves due to the developers losing access to the version check site used in the BETA. Sorry!

It's been 7 years since version 1.0. Now, the 7th Heaven Mod Manager has been taken to the next level with version 2.2!
This version makes using mods for Final Fantasy 7 ridiculously simple.

*The Qhimm Community "Animations" 3.0 mod, 60 fps option is NOT compatible with FFNx (therefore 7H 2.2)!* It will crash your game. Turn it off. The mod will need to be updated in the future to support FFNx.

Why should you use this over the original? That's a good question!
  • To use this version, just open it, choose your ideal mods, and click Play. That's it!
  • To use this version, just open it, choose your ideal mods, and click Play. That's it!
  • No more messing around with converting your game, load order, or mounting an ISO (Works now even in Windows 7!). It's all built in!
  • Supports multiple languages of the installed game as well as English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), and Spanish in the 7th Heaven User Interface.
  • Auto Sort button so you don't have to worry if you have your mods in the right load order.
  • Customizable themes including dark, light, and classic modes or create your own!
  • Includes the FFNx driver which adds centered vertical fields (no more big black bar at the bottom), better controller support (including using triggers and d-pad!), antialiasing, built-in cheats like a random battle toggle, speed hack, and soft reset and more. The game will also continue to play even if the window loses focus.
  • Edit your keyboard and gamepad controls directly in 7th Heaven and save them as presets.
  • Comes with new and updated mods from E2QAlyza's Catalog 3.0, Strife98's Mods Of The Round, and Sega Chief's catalog (popular for New Threat).
  • Onboard help, FAQ, and troubleshooting documentation.
Preview Trailer
Tutorial Video
Main Window
Additional Screenshots
Game Launcher Settings

Set In-Game Controls from 7th Heaven

Multi-Language Support (Italian shown)

Customizable Themes and available Dark and Light Modes

FFNx Game Driver by TrueOdin

Browse Catalog Tab

Configure Mod Options

General Settings
Changelog for 2.2
  • Game Exe: Now Large Address Aware and Windows DEP compatible - Game can now access >2GB of memory and won't crash with certain DEP settings. Greatly increases stability and allows for more complex mods.
  • Game Driver: FFNx replaces old game driver - Choice of rendering API, high-DPI support, antialiasing, window resizing, built-in random battle toggle, speed hack, and movie skip, soft reset, toggle fullscreen/window w/ ALT+Enter, fixes several game bugs, centered vertical fields, better controller support and ability to use triggers and d-pad, audio fixes and enhancements, music/movies continue playing on lost focus, better stability, performance improvements, additional file format support, and more
  • Multi-Language Support: UI now available in Brazilian Portuguese, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, and Spanish
  • Multi-Language Support: 'Game Converter' now works with English, French, German, and Spanish versions of the game
  • Game Launcher Settings: Windows 7 users can now auto-mount game disc using WinCDEmu option
  • Game Launcher Settings: Added support to change MIDI device
  • Game Launcher Settings: SFX/Music volume now pulls from game's registry
  • Game Launcher Settings: Simplified UI layout and removal of deprecated features (High-DPI, Reunion, Code 5 compatibility settings)
  • Game Launcher Settings: Import Movie feature moved to 'Tools' menu
  • Controller Support: Ability to map your game controls directly in 7H
  • Controller Support: D-Pad and triggers support (D-Pad is native w/ FFNx on XInput and emulated w/ 7H on DInput)
  • Controller Support: Create/Edit/Save game control presets
  • Controller Support: Included DS4 XInput driver, ability to use 7H UI w/ DS4 controller
  • Downloader: Better pause/resume/cancel, resume partially downloaded mod, retry install button for failed mod installs
  • Downloader: Added iros://mod/ protocol so mods can be direct-downloaded in 7H via web link
  • Downloader: Replaced code for downloading from Mega host
  • Mod Patches: Added ability to import .IROP mod patch files directly
  • Catalogs: Added Sega Chief's catalog by default to include new mods such as New Threat
  • Setup: Switched to Inno Setup for better install experience, easier 7H upgrade installs, more flexibility and features
  • Bug Fix: Don't crash on startup if FF7 game path is invalid/missing
  • Bug Fix: Don't crash Movie Importer if FF7 game path is invalid/missing
  • Bug Fix: Don't crash Game Driver Settings if cfg file is missing
  • Bug Fix: Don't crash Game Driver Settings if another language set
  • Bug Fix: Updated EasyHook to fix .bin game file loading on startup (Thanks Tsunamix!)
  • Bug Fix: Custom 7H mod functions/variables now working properly (Thanks Carlucci, cmh175!)
  • Bug Fix: Installs from mods in folder format not extracting (Thanks Bonez!)
  • Bug Fix: .IROP (mod patch) downloads/installs fixed (Thanks Carlucci!)
  • Bug Fix: Profile Details doesn't crash if existing mod's variable names changed (Thanks Chrysalis!)
  • Bug Fix: Play with debugging options doesn't crash
  • Bug Fix: 'Music' and 'Direct' folders created if missing
  • Bug Fix: Auto Sort duplicating mod in list if mod used OrderConstraints
  • Bug Fix: Cancel download crash
  • Bug Fix: Wait up to 120 seconds to load game for slower PCs
  • Bug Fix: Minor UI issues
Changelog for 2.0
  • New Customizable UI - Shareable themes, sorting, and rearrange columns
  • Built on WPF
  • Improved profile management/details
  • Super easy install
  • 1-click to enjoying your game
  • Single download with everything built in
  • Game Launcher - Makes sure FF7 is always ready to play
  • Built-in replacement for FF7Config
  • Keyboard and gamepad control options
  • Auto mounting game disc
  • No more game converter
  • Auto-Sort mod load order
  • Drag and drop mod load order
  • Treeview style available in mod config window
  • Mod Categories for easier search and auto-sorting
  • Shell Integration - Open and work with mods directly in Windows
  • Powerful new search w/ filters, tags, catalog, and category support
  • Auto-Switch your audio output device
  • Import movies from disc
  • User mod creation tools
  • Additional mod.xml tags for modders
  • HTML Readme support
  • Alyza's Qhimm Catalog 3.0!
  • Mods Of The Round Catalog
  • Pause/Resume some downloads support
  • Integrated help
  • Better logging, clearer dialogs, less nagging
  • Several compatibility fixes
  • Bug fix: Unknown error in injected assembler code. (Code: 5) at EasyHook.RemoteHooking.CreateAndInject
  • Bug fix: Refresh catalog actually works
  • Bug fix: Activate All mods no longer crashes
  • Bug fix: Glitchy scrolling in UI
  • Bug fix: 'Extra Folders' (now renamed) no longer duplicates 'direct' and 'music'
  • Bug fix: Multiple random crash/error/bug fixes throughout for better stability
7th Heaven Developers
rodriada, unab0mb (2.x)
Iros, Ficedula, TrueOdin, TurBoss (1.x)

Catalogs and Hosting
Chrysalis, EQ2Alyza, Lord UrQuan,
Strife98, Sega Chief

FFNx Game Driver
Aali, Chrysalis, DLPB, Extapathy,
Maki, myst6re, Nax, OatBran
quantumpencial, Sebanisu, sithlord48,

Language Translations/Proofreading
DBZFan102/Andre1070, Dragoon_2004, Franckie,
Kaldarasha, Khrone, Leonhart, LittleTale/youffie,
OatBran, Rukenu, Satsuki

Trailer and Tutorial Videos
Creation - Tsunamix
Trailer Voice - James Garris

UltraSound Plugin
ficedula, Martin Barker

Thanks to Jusete for the installer artwork!
Thanks to all of the beta testers that helped make 7H 2.x even better!

Please Donate!
Many of you have asked about this. If you would like to express your thanks or contribute financially to the further development of 7th Heaven, you may do so HERE.

Tip: Before you run the installer, CLOSE 7th Heaven and make sure your ISO game disc is UNMOUNTED (right-click FF7DISC1 in Explorer and choose 'Eject')! Download the setup file and run the installer. You do NOT need to install a previous version to use/upgrade to the latest version. You can install 2.2 over any previous version into the same folder if you wish.

7th Heaven (current): SETUP (Recommended) | portable .zip
7th Heaven (old): SETUP | portable .zip
On the web site, you can find:
  • Help/FAQ/Troubleshooting/Mod and Catalog Creation documentation (also built into 7H by clicking the Help button).
  • We recommend downloading mods from the 'Browse Catalog' tab in 7th Heaven. However, mirrors are available for many of the mods if you're having difficulty downloading via the catalogs.
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The latest Help documentation, including 7th Heaven usage, FAQ, and troubleshooting tips can always be found on the 7th Heaven web site:
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