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"Nanaky Mod" Idea

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Heeeeeyyyy everybody! I'm just here to drop this idea for whomever feels like picking it up, as I'm no modder of FFVII and don't know if this would be too hsrd to do or not.

I'm a big fan of RedXIII as I'm sure others are too. And as of now in Final Fantasy VII Remake he's a non controlable character, and it seems like they are not introducing out of battle party lider swapping :/.

So the idea is basically, making a mod that allows the player have RedXIII as the main character of the original game, making him the party leader and unmovable character from the team.

Once again I'm no modder myself so I don't know if this'd be easy or not to be done, so yeah I decided I'll just put the idea up in dome modding forum and see if someone gets interested in it and picks it up, who knows? Maybe someone will ^^

Anyways, that was all, thanks beforehand and for reasing this suggestion. Have a nice time.


PS: Also if this mod is easy and possible, adding events like fighting with Cobalt XIV and Inigo XV, who ambush RedXIII when he's alone, as you progress through the game and they follow Nanaky it would be cool too, that would be a mod I'd fall in love with.

Edit 1:

I've decided that while I think on more things for this mod as addons to it since the main idea is above, I'll be editing this post. So here's a few more ideas I've thought of:

I've got tow ideas as of why Cobalt and Indigo would be pursuing and ambushing Red alone. I came up with two ideas. 1 They are his clones and Shin-ra has sent them to either capture Red or kill and collect his body and bring him back to the building for more experimentation, which doesn't make sense as the whole of Shinra changes after the death of the president and the ascend of Rufus to the throne of the company. Other idea is that these two are Gi (which would take the numbers out of their names and probably give them more tribal ones like Aukyn for Cobalt and Yakun for Indigo) that want revenge for their clan's loss at Cosmo Cannyon and since Seto is dead they go for his son instead.

Their fighting style is similar to Nanaky's they both use magic and physical attacks with limit break abilities at random but of course, one would be stronger than the other on a different type of damage Magic or Physical. The Player could steal gear for Nanaky from them (already existing RedXIII's weapons or armors according to the area) and when the player defeats them instead of disappearing they run away from battle.

I've come up with few places for them to attack Red as examples:

- One would be Kalm, after Cloud's flashback, that night Red goes out as he hears the planet crying and this reinforces his plan to get to Cosmo Canyon, but when he's about to leave town these two ambush him and after a bit of conversation a battle happens in the outskirts of Kalm to not cause troubles to the denizens of the town (and as to avoid having to make up a Kalm battle scene xD) and after the battle he goes back to rest (perhaps some comment from someone in the morning about him looking tired as if he has had a bad sleep or something).

- Other moment Red gets ambushed could be while the party is trapped in Corel Prison, when one of the humans in the party is sent up to participate in the Chocobo races to earn the party the right to leave the prison, Red goes on his own to have a stroll and wait, being ambushed by these two in the middle of the desert, after passing one or two screens of the desert the dialog of the ambush pops up, these two appear and attack him. and once the battle is over, Red returns to the town (teleported back to the town's desert exit) and to the party to know the race was won and they are free to leave.

- Another place could be at the Gi cave, when the party leaves Nanaky and Bugenhagen alone at Seto's grave right after Gi-Natak fight, taking advantage of their objective being weakened for the fight through the cave and the Gi ghost. Red fighting to protect his Granpa.

- Other place could be at the Gold Saucer around the same time the date scene would play, instead we find Red having a stroll and ends up in the battle square and runs into the arena when these two ambush him, where the fight goes on.

- Yet another place could be while the party is held captive at Junon, while Cid tries to get the Airship he stays outside guarding that no one approaches and buying time for Cid to get the crew on his side and the bloody ship to work, at this moment the two could attack Red once again. (This probably could be set when Tifa is left starting to get gassed and after Barrett is freed by Cait... Caith... by Reeve with his robot cat)

- Only other place i can think for another battle would be on the return to Midgar. After beating Scarlet and Heidegger the party is ready to go stop Hojo, but Cobalt and Indigo jump in their way. Red tells the party to go forwards since they only want him and thus starts what could be the final battle against these two, where they are finally fully defeated, then we gotta rush to the party to fight Hojo and stop him from shooting the Sister Ray again.

Yeah that's pretty much all the places I've got thought out so far, and I think those are enough and far enough from one another as to not make fighting with them a nuisance. Also I know some scenes I've described for Red to be ambushed at are too many and might require a lot of work to do. Of course the party doesn't know anything of these two ambushing Red until the last battle with them and after that event that's when Red explains what's been happening with those two, briefly at least. Thing is I would love the addon to be made as well, but I'll be happy with the main mod and no more as said above. I'm just sorry putting so much work on modders that might be busy with their own projects and wouldn't want to ad more on top of them. I can only hope you like the idea, and as said. I'm not a mod maker myself so... yeah I'm in no hurry for this to be a thing ^^

Edit 2:

Speaking a bit with Tsuna about a few things, including having Red mounting chocobo the conversation reached the point that he mentioned moving KotR materia to some other place and even doing a quest to it. To those words my mind quickly went on a side quest that would go like this:

"There is a rumor that speaks of a very powerful Materia, it could either come from Yuffie, who might have heard it in some place while she tried to steal materia, or via Reeve, who's head the rumours at Shinra HQ and tells it to the group through Caith Sith. Thing is that, investigating a bit the group ends up fighting a group of Shinra (a boss battle if you might) over KotR Materia."

That would be a way for the player to obtain that summon without needing to do chocobo breeding/racing, but of course the quest would need to compensate for such a powerful Materia... Wonder if it could even be done for Bahamuth Zero, which is one of my favorite Summons in the game and I would like to have it moved from needing to get all the huge materia, thus giving a chance to those who like the red submarine to get it if you really want it (like me~ xD)
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I think its a great idea. :)
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Chrysalis wrote: Thu Aug 19, 2021 1:20 am I think its a great idea. :)
why thanks ^^ I do hope someone that knows how to do all this could pick it up and make it a thing u.u Sadly I'm no modder and there's no way to learn to mod this game since all possible videos on youtube or wherever seem to be literaly gone!
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