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Hello everyone, This is part of a series of guides on the new features of 7th Heaven implemented by the Tsunamods team in 2.3.1 branch.

New features have been implemented to support the new multimedia capabilities in the game implemented by the FFNX game driver, these features allow mod developer's to more easily take the game up to levels never seen before.


Voice acting dialogue will be available in EchoS this will provide immersive fully acted dialogue in a way not seen in the modding community before. To enable voices capability within 7th Heaven. Do the following.

1 - Start 7th Heaven and make sure you have the app running and do not have any setting configuration boxes open or errors.


2 - Click on the settings menu and then select "driver settings", you should see the screen below.


3 - Click the advanced tab, you should see the screen as below.


3 - For SFX Option on the dropdown menu select VGMStream. Then click on save.


4 - Open the General settings, and Check the Additional Folders to Monitor at the bottom right.

The following should be present

If it is not present click on the + button, to add, then when it is listed as in the screenshot click save.


Thats it you are good to go from the driver and 7th Heaven side.
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