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7TH Heaven and FFNX Troubleshooting FAQ

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Here is a list of commonly asked questions with answers to help people find a quick solution as possible, if these do not help, please feel free to ask for support on our forum or discord.

Q - I have an AMD GPU and the game is unstable or has black screens.

A - Please disable the anti lag feature as shown in the following screenshot, this has resulted in fixing the problem for many players.


Q - I have an AMD GPU and see visual artefacts when playing.

A - Please try setting the DX12 renderer, this can be set using the driver settings in 7th Heaven as follows. Go to settings menu then select driver settings, and set as below.


Q - My game has crashed, can I recover my progress.

A - Navigate to your game installation folders, then go to the saves folder and there should be a crash.ff7 file, rename this to a numbered file e.g. save00.ff7, and you should have your progress intact. Be aware this might be a save outside of a normal save area and might not allow you to continue normally. So don't overwrite other saves without backing them up first.

Q - I cannot launch the game.

A - There is a few things to check here. I will list them in order of easy to do, to hardest.

1 - In 7th Heaven click the down arrow next to the play button and select play without mods, if this works the problem is a mod, if it doesn't work, then it is not mod related and you should perhaps look at troubleshooting FFNx here.


2 - If you have a mod that displays the warning box it may modify game code, these type of mod's require the default windows DEP settings, these settings only affect 32 bit binaries like FF7, the default in windows is to only apply DEP to system binaries because many 32 bit binaries such as FF7 do not support DEP. Some users may tinker with these settings or a 3rd party program may have done so, please make sure the DEP settings are configured as below and then reboot to apply the settings, You can get to these settings by opening control panel, then navigating to system, then advanced system settings, then advanced and then finally data execution prevention.


Windows 11 below.


3 - If you still have problems, turn off all mods, and launch with one mod at a time, once you know which mod is causing your problem, then first make sure you click the autosort icon on the right 1/9 icon and if it still happens feel free to ask for support.

Q - I get a message stating XXX mod is no compatible with YYY please disable it.

A - This is an issue with 7th Heaven sending the wrong message, it is due to incorrect mod loading order, fixable by clicking the auto sort 1/9 icon on the right in "most cases".


Q - I have mods that don't work properly, examples been 60FPS and animations.

A - Please make sure you are on the latest version of 7th Heaven (currently 2.3.3) and also a new enough FFNx version, links below.

https://github.com/julianxhokaxhiu/FFNx ... .1.121.zip
If the above FFNx is invalid you can browse to https://github.com/julianxhokaxhiu/FFNx ... tag/canary and select the file that contains FF7_1998


Q - The game is running slowly in certain areas.

A - This might be due to the animated textures feature, this can be quite demanding, so can be turned off as below. When changing this toggle please also click the Clear Texture Cache button.


Q - I have no sounds effects and/or music when playing the game.

A - Please make sure the following are set in the Game Driver settings "Original Midi" for music and "Original audio.dat" for sounds. Mods that require vgmstream will automatically configure it so these settings can be left as described here. Note if your copy of FF7 is the steam version, you can leave vgmstream set for music to get the original PSX music.


Q - I have no UI mods enabled and the battle UI is not stock.
Q - I have a UI mod enabled and the game is unstable or it glitches.

A - Please check inside your game folder and navigate to hext\ff7\en, then remove every file except for 'FFNx.FIELD.vertical_center.txt', if you ever wish to put these back at a later time, they are included in the FFNx download.
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