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Echo-S Closed Beta bug reports

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Hello, you special people testing the Closed Beta of Echo-S Disk 1.

If you experience bugs please report them here, please before submitting a post to this check the existing posts to make sure your report has not already been reported. if you find one after you have made the post please update your old post with the new bug.
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First time playing FF7. Been using mods on my play through and noticed that the Marsh encounter with Midgar Zolom isn't loading correctly. Every time it loads the miniboss encounter with Rufus on the rooftop by mistake. This continues into the cave with the random encounters (Loads previous mini bosses from the story). After deactivating each mod individually to find the issue I found that it was being caused by Echo-s. After de loading the mod the encounters returned to normal.

Let me know if there is anything I can do, thanks!
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