Tsunamods is the name of a community, not an individual or team,

Tsunamods is a collective of Final Fantasy 7, 8 9 & other game Modders and Toolmakers please don't confuse Tsunamix with Tsunamods.
We know this line has been blurred in the past, however, there are distinct lines between Tsunamods Team, Tsunamods Community, and Tsunamix

Discord Server - Moogles and Mods

HARVESTELLA, an all-new life-simulation RPG from SQUARE ENIX!
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Joining the Discord:

We're working on the Moogles and Mods discord for this game you can join that server using the link on the homepage of the forum or by using this link:

Once you have joined the forum you can go to the rules-and-roles channel and select what you want. to see the category for Harvestella you will need to click on the reaction of Image on categories post.
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