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Problem after clicking "play"...

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Hello to you.
I finished Final 7 on console more than 20 years ago and now I wanted to do it again with the superb work you did.
I got it on Steam but the problem is that after downloading certain mods, whether I activate them or even if I don't activate any, when I launch the game via 7th heaven, I have a problem .
Already when I wanted to start the game it asked me if I wanted it to automatically put the mods in the game files, I accepted but afterwards I noticed that certain downloaded mods were no longer announced as " download" in the list of 7th heaven mods.
And once I click "play"
This puts me "Oops something very bad happened.
Could not find shader file:
Make sur all the provided files are installed correcly"

But looking in Shaders I can see that it is in there, what can I do to get the game to finally launch?
I just downloaded the new 7th heaven update but it doesn't change my problem.
Thank you in advance for your help...
Sorry I didn't know where to put my question, maybe I put it in the wrong place.
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