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[FF7 PC] Echo-S Voice Acted mod

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Project Echo-S will one day be a fully completed voice acting mod, every Main character, Minor character and NPC will be given a voice. You'll be able to experience the game in a whole new way.

This is a huge community project and everyone can be involved. The sheer amount of voice actors needed for this project is beyond crazy. But we aren't going to be putting in just any lines, we wanna make sure they're all reasonable.
If we are going to this effort to make a mod of this calibre, we're going to do it the best we can, first time.
We aren't pulling a Skyrim here, each NPC will be a new voice.

There will be no super bad acting, no awful quality lines.
We will do our best to train each NPC's actor to a standard that is bearable.
As well as editing each audio clip to make it sound the best we can.

This mod will also contain a few of it's own features (Some of which will come via later updates) :

- Totally uncensored
- New modernised translation of the game from "The Reunion" mod.
- Togglable Subtitles to replace the text boxes
- Togglable Automatic scrolling of text (No more pressing "OK" to skip text)
- Voiced choice dialog

Playable demo's will also be released as time goes so you can get a feel for how it will be to experience this in-game.
I am unsure of how many, or at what points in the game these will be released. But there will be a few.

This mod contains the amazing voice talents of the following people:

Main Cast
Cloud Strife
- Christian Sekhanan

Barret Wallace
- Christian Sekhanan

Tifa Lockheart
- April-Ann Tass

Aerith Gainsborough
- Kristen Archer

Red XIII / Nanaki
- Tuong Klein

Yuffie Kisaragi
- Iris龍

Cait Sith
- Christian Serrano

Vincent Valentine
- Stefan Andrew

Cid Highwind
- Jordan Harrelson

- James Garris
Minor Cast
- Professor Who

- Johnathon Peake

- Llewellyn Emerson

- Tiffany M Tolentino

Zack Fair
- Phillipe Legenda

- Phillipe Legenda

- Phillipe Legenda

- Haru Katsumi

- Jesseii

Choco Bill
- Joshua Outland

Don Corneo
- Penguinator

- Stefan Johnson

- wolfjacx

- Alison Doody

- Alison Doody

- Mary Gibbons

Child Cloud
- Corinne Sudberg

Child Tifa
- April-Ann Tass

As time passes we will also be putting up videos of our voice actors too, so you can get an idea of how they sound before you try this mod out. We currently have a handful of them up already but due to them being old now we are updating them as we can.
So far we have updated 3, so please enjoy listening below.

Character Demo's
Cloud Strife

Aerith Gainsborough

Cid Highwind

As progress is made I will update this post to show the changes as they happen.

Current Progress:

Fields: ? / ?
Lines: ? / ?

Thanks to DLPB and whomever else was involved for allowing the use of the flevel (Script and bug fixes from The Reunion)
If you would like to download the Reunion or have a place with others to Discuss it, you can do so in their Discord server here:
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Reserved for future bug report fixes
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Will this necessarily require Sister Ray?
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@tsunamix will correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think it does require Sister Ray. Because it uses something called Ultrasound with the game. and only requires that
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Echo-S can either be a stand alone mod (I think) or it'll be used with 7th heaven, for now.
In the future there may be a sister ray version with extra features. But no, it won't need Sister Ray.
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Calling all Echo-S Beta Test seekers, I need you.

I have a task you can all greatly help me with. I'll admit it's not fun. It's not the sort of Beta Test you are looking for.
But unfortunately it's something that needs to get done in order to continue.

The aim of this Beta is surrounding the Day/Night and Weather system.
Now please listen carefully, if you decide to assist me on this, these are things I need you to do:

Start a New Game and agree to all the selection options (Except for Thunder if you suffer from Epilepsy).
If you did not choose to have Thunder, please also write this down on your notes.

Stand on SCREEN 1 and DO NOT LEAVE! Just stand there and wait.
You must not have the menu open! Only open the menu to check the time ready for notes.

Turn your music volume to 0 and sfx volume to 100. This will help you notice when something happens.
I recommend having 2 monitors so you can stick this on your spare one and just leave it running while you do something else.

You will see that the time of day will change, and occasionally the weather will too.
This is what I need to test.

In order to get the best possible results for me please have a notepad open and type down every time a weather variant starts. Then also when it finishes, type that down too. That way I can work out how long they last.

If anything odd happens like Thunder changing your screen fade to the wrong colour. Note that down too and just tell me the time it happened. You'll see an example below.

So when either of these things occur open your in game menu and you will see that where Gil used to be there is also now a "Date" and "Time". That is what I need you to note down.

So your notes should like something like this:


If my Math is correct then it shouldn't happen too often for the players, and it shouldn't last too long either.
I'm aiming for a perfect balance.

Leave the game running for as long as you can, the longer the better.

You are capable of saving your game and closing it. Coming back later and continuing.
So please also do this if you need too. This does not need to happen in 1 sitting.

When you finish your test please also put the in game Date and Time of when you stopped testing at the bottom of your notes.
You can then post your notes in this thread for me.

You can download this Beta here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ChsGwn ... sp=sharing

When downloaded, move it to FF7/Mods/7th heaven
Unzip it and it should then appear in your 7th Heaven mod list.

The only mods you should use is Echo-S, and ESUI if you feel like it.
Just make sure ESUI is above Echo-S.

Thank you all so much for your help in advance. You will all get different results and I can use those to create the perfect system. Because it'll be annoying it just rains forever.


If you already have the link above downloaded from the 26th November, please also download this
(Link above has been updated as I post this so if you did not download it before reading this then only grab the above link):
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iXecS8 ... sp=sharing

Place this file inside ff7/mods/7th Heaven/Echo-S/Echo-S/file


Weather should not last as long now. It seemed that rain lasted forever
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Thank you very much Great job and contribution, does the mod of the voices have support for the game in Spanish? with the mod 7th Heaven can you play? thank you very much in advance cracks !!
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Hi, i install Echo s-7 mod. When i active mod world map is too dark. Turn off in mod options day/night system doesn't change anything. Field and battles is ok, only world map. I used "Combined HD world map textures" downloaded from 7th Heaven. Any ideas how to fix it?
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I couldn't find an answer for this anywhere but with Echo S everything appears to be working fine but the day night cycle. It's always stuck on day, Jan 33rd, and the time is always stuck on something :24, attaching a photo with the time stuck at 7:24. If I sleep it advances the hours but the minutes are always stuck regardless of how much in game time passes. Thanks for any help, I already had to restart once I saw Echo S isn't compatible with New Threat about 30 hours in and I really don't want to have to again. Read someone having a problem with it always raining and they were directed by the team to get timekeeper mod and do something at a save state and it was fixed. I cannot find that mod to even attempt this fix.

Stayed at Chocobo Inn today and no longer have the option to advance the hours manually before sleeping. Please help Tsuna, cannot wait to continue playing immersed in weather changes and day/night cycles!!
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Anybody else have an issue where if they turn off the voice acting all of the other SFX also turns off? Menu selection sounds and battle sounds. BGM still plays perfect, just no sound when turning off the voice acting. Uninstalling the mod does not help either.
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