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Satsuki IroPng2DDS simple gui

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DDS (BC7) is a common texture compression format used by lots of moderns games.
Read here for some informations if you want to know more about it (http://www.reedbeta.com/blog/understand ... n-formats/)

And now with ffnx 1.50+ you can use this format with FF7 instead of png.

It's having lots of adventages:
-It's realy fast for loading and all the job is done with graphic card and not cpu
-It's take less memory (about 25/30% of png) so no more texture corruption problems
-It's visualy loseless
-It's compressing well so the iro or 7z share of the mod will be realy lighter (for my full pack 7z png is 6go and 7z dds is 2.3go)

To convert from png to dds i made this simple gui witch is self explainatory, but if you need help, just ask ^^

I can also convert a classic iro file mod to iro dds file


https://mega.nz/file/PVhxyYDI#3gQPe1h2e ... pc3PG6g_X4

If you have bugs converting, install the vc runtimes (provided in "runtime" subfolder)
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