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[FF7PC][Tsunamods] Cosmo Memory: Complete Sound Overhaul 1.0 (7-10-2021)

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Formerly known as "Bonez' Sound Effect Suite". Cosmo Memory uses the new FFNx SFX engine and is an entirely new mod rebuilt from the ground up with a ton of new features. This project started out in 2018 as a little mod to just replace the FF7 menu sounds with the menu sounds from FFXIII. Since that time, it has evolved into something far more... After following the community and modding the game for several years, I noticed the graphical and musical mods were growing and advancing but the sound effects department was totally stalled. I mean, it's an entire 1/3 of what your senses are taking in, along side the visuals and music! I wanted something to match the beautiful/advanced graphical and musical mods provided by the very talented authors/creators of this community... So, I present to you Cosmo Memory: A Complete Sound Overhaul.

  • Replaces/updates all 724 original sound effects including battle, magic, enemy skills, limit breaks, summons, world. including looping and existing ambient sound effects.
  • NEW Ambient sounds for every field and battle scene in the game
  • Ground-conditional footstep sound effects for every field.
  • Replaces all sound effects in FMV's (pre-rendered cut scenes)
  • Voiced attacks or "grunts" for all party members
  • Shuffled battle impact sounds as well as other select sounds randomly so you never hear the same exact sound twice in a row
  • 8 selectable menu sound sets; including FFVII Remake, Dissidia NT, FFXV, FFXIII-A, FFXIII-B, FFXII, FFX, FFVII(Vanilla)
  • Complete compatibility with New Threat 2.0, Echo-S and any other difficulty mod.

-This mod REQUIRES 7th Heaven and FFNx
You can download the latest 7th Heaven : https://github.com/tsunamods-codes/7th-Heaven/releases/tag/canary

-Adjust your music volume accordingly depending on your music mod selection. I recommend 60% music-volume and 100% SFX-volume with Tsuna Arranged and EDMusic.

Download Cosmo Memory 1.0 HERE

If you enjoy the mod, consider a little something for the many many hours it took to put this together: Donate Here
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