Tsunamods is the name of a community, not an individual or team,

Tsunamods is a collective of Final Fantasy 7, 8 9 & other game Modders and Toolmakers please don't confuse Tsunamix with Tsunamods.
We know this line has been blurred in the past, however, there are distinct lines between Tsunamods Team, Tsunamods Community, and Tsunamix

Posting a Release

People working on mods or Tutorials for mod development
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Tool Release
If your posting a Release of a Tool please use add `[RELEASE]`, `[BETA]`, or `[ALPHA]` to the start of your post's title, this allows moderators to see that something is a tool for others to use and we can mark it as a pinned message. if too many occur we may move Tools to their own Forum Section.

If you're posting a Guide / Tutorial on how to do something please add `[GUIDE]` to your title this again allows us to know if something should be pinned. again if a lot of guides appear we may move them into a separate Forum section.
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