Tsunamods is the name of a community, not an individual or team,

Tsunamods is a collective of Final Fantasy 7, 8 9 & other game Modders and Toolmakers please don't confuse Tsunamix with Tsunamods.
We know this line has been blurred in the past, however, there are distinct lines between Tsunamods Team, Tsunamods Community, and Tsunamix


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Jojo Laffreux
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Joined: Sat Nov 26, 2022 11:12 am

Hello everyone !
Just a question, because I'm French (nobody is perfect) : is it possible to install the echos mod with the voices but without changing the language of the texts ? (I've got the same problem with the Remusic mod but it's not one of yours, is it ?) I'm using 7th heaven.
Thank you !
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