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Reactor 1 Glitch

Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2023 9:01 pm
by cousincheeto
Is anyone else having this problem?

So I downloaded your 7th Haven Mod Manager and activated some of the mods but when I play the Sector 1 reactor I get all the way down to the Reactor Core, set the Bomb, back up but the Sequence of everyone running out of the reactor as it explodes does not kick on IDK if it is a one mod interfering with another or if I did the set up wrong but yeah and I can still run back and forth from the "T" bridge where Wedge is and back to entrance with the Elevator at the end. The clock still ticks down to 0 and Game Over but that sequence of Barret, Jessie, Biggs and Cloud Does not kick in even if I run back and forth between areas? any tips. Here are the mods I am running currently:
-60/30 PS Gameplay
-Cosmo Memory
-Ninostyle HD, Battle & Chibi
-[Tsunomods] EDMusic FF7 Soundtrack, Echo-S, SYW V6, Avalance Arisen, SYW V5 Spell/Minigame/Menu & Fonts/Field textures, HD World Textures,
-FF7 Remake ESUI Theme
-Gameplay Tweaks-Qhimm Catalog
-Boarderless F7
-Jesse Mod

Also Im not Super Techie but I cannot figure out how to get the 7th Heaven Mod Manager to have an icon on my desktop any advice there? Thanks

Re: Reactor 1 Glitch

Posted: Mon Jan 23, 2023 4:20 am
by cousincheeto
UPDATE: I did some trouble shooting and it looks like the Jessie Mod is what Breaks it, Not sure if anyone is aware of a fix or even aware of it at all but I turned the Jessie Mod off and the Sequence triggered like normal. I love having Jessie in the Party in the Reactor but unfortunatly it WILL break the game.